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Ohio Stadium


As an Ohio native, seeing a game in Ohio Stadium really is a special experience. My roommate’s neighbors gave us their season ticket holder seats for the contest against Maryland. After wandering around the fraternity houses just off campus and seeing some old friends, we made our way to our prime 20-yard line seats with some comfortable seat backs. Seeing the “i” dotted and hearing “Across the Field” gave me some serious chills despite the 80+ degrees it was.

Ohio State came out and played classic Buckeye football, bullying Maryland all over the field. In the first quarter and with a 20-6 lead, Buckeye cornerback Denzel Ward laid down the biggest hit of the entire season on a Maryland wide receiver. The hit was called as targeting on the field, but the Big Ten released a statement of apology following the game. Ohio State finished the game with a season-high 62 points and made for a great afternoon for Buckeye fans.

Ohio Stadium is larger than life and is listed in the National Historic Registrar of historic landmarks. Seeing the stadium packed over capacity makes for an even better atmosphere. Also, being involved in the legendary O-H-I-O chant never hurts. The weather, prime seats, and exciting win makes for an amazing game day.

Stadium Grade: A

Atmosphere: A+

Tradition: A+

Capacity: 104,944

Attendance: 107,180

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