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The day following my trip to Eastern Michigan, I again travelled north on MI-23 and west on MI-96 to East Lansing to see my BGSU Falcons take on Michigan State. We went early to walk around the campus and see what kind of tailgating Michigan State offered. The Spartan loyal were very welcoming – going as far as to offer food and beer as we walked past (we stood out wearing orange in a sea of green).

Michigan State, coming off a rough season, did not start the game the way they hoped; BG picked up a fumble on the one yard line and later turned it into a field goal. After the first quarter, the Falcons lead 3-0. However, that was the end of the fortune. The surrounding Spartan fans were surely thankful to not hear our loud cheering, as they put up an unanswered 35 points. BG did score a garbage-time touchdown to end the score 35-10.

The stadium was amazing; the atmosphere was electric, the stadium was clean, and our seats were right on top of the action. As they say in East Lansing, it was a beautiful day for football.

Stadium Grade: A

Atmosphere: A

Tradition: C

Capacity: 75,005

Attendance: 71,202

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