Fall Schedule 3.0

Summer Road Trip

The 2021 Summer Road Trip was an ambitious road trip that covered 6,600 miles, 30 stadiums, and 16 states in 8 days. Along the route, I visited stadiums across the Great Plains (Nebraska) to the Rocky Mountains (Utah) and the West Coast (Cal). I also stopped at several FCS facilities like South Dakota State and Montana.

The inaugural Summer Road Trip was such a success, I plan to do it again this year. In 2020, we traveled America’s Heartland, which included states like Kansas, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Indiana. The second leg of the trip was a tour of the Deep South, which included schools like Tennessee, Clemson, Auburn, and Ole Miss (among a dozen others).

Spring Football

It was a beautiful day for Baylor’s Green & Gold Game on April 24. The 2021 NCAA Champion Baylor men’s basketball team was in attendance and mingling with fans. The Green team came away with an 18-3 win (but for what it’s worth, players switched teams all game long).