Road to CFB

NEXT UP: Big 12 Championship

December 4, 2021 | AT&T Stadium (Arlington, TX)

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  • Kansas 28, TCU 31
  • UCF 28, SMU 55
  • Army 21, Air Force 14/OT
  • West Virginia 29, TCU 17
  • Auburn 38, #17 Arkansas 23
  • #7 Texas A&M 10, #16 Arkansas 20
  • Nebraska 16, #3 Oklahoma 23
  • #9 Notre Dame 41, Florida State 38/OT
  • #10 North Carolina 10, Virginia Tech 17
  • Bowling Green 6, Tennessee 38
  • UAB 31, Jacksonville State 0

Keep an eye out on the Road to CFB Instagram and Twitter to follow along this season.

2021 Season Schedule Out Now


Welcome to Road to CFB! The goal is to experience a game day at every FBS college football stadium.

Every school has their own culture, their own atmosphere, their own traditions, their own experience. This is a 130-part series that will take years to accomplish, but will dish out a lifetime full of stories.

College football is the sport of the everyman. The story of America is best told through the lens of college towns, football stadiums, and over a few beers. The FBS has stadiums in BIG CITIES…

…and in SMALL TOWNS.

The other key to Road to CFB comes in “Road.” Instead of flying to games, we’re hitting the highways and byways and recording the experience all along the way.

Join me on my journey on Instagram (@roadtocfb) or on the road. Welcome to Road to CFB!

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