In September of 2015, I was a freshman at Bowling Green State University on a bus with 100 people I didn’t know, going through four hours of corn fields and highways on my way to West Lafayette, Indiana. BGSU was playing their first away game at Purdue and I was determined to go, even if it was on my own.

My Falcons won with just nine seconds left on the clock. That was the only play I remember to this day.

However, I could tell you the exact Pantone of the brick buildings of the campus set behind the fullest pines in the south end zone of Ross-Ade Stadium. I could tell you the shade of blue the sky was that day, the smell of the stadium, and the size of the press box. I was overwhelmed with senses and that day is still one of the most nostalgic-heavy of my entire life.

There was nothing I wanted more than to replicate that experience every single Saturday.

It would be another two years before I set out on the road again, but Road to CFB was truly born that September afternoon in West Lafayette.

Road to CFB is the ultimate road trip for the ultimate sports fan. It is the journey to experience a game day at every FBS stadium.

America is best seen through the lens of the college town. The FBS has stadiums in big cities like Austin, Los Angeles, New Orleans, and Seattle; but also has massive venues that literally double the populations of cities like Starkville, Mississippi. There is nothing more truly American than a College Football Saturday.

I am out to see every tradition, hear every chant, party at the best tailgates, indulge in the best local cuisine, drink the best beers, watch the world’s best athletes, and experience a lifetime of stories in 133 installments.

Penn State game day

I am a graduate of BGSU with a major in sport management, which has given me a different, analytic view of game day. I gave up the pursuit of coaching college football in exchange for the life of being the ultimate fan. Outside of football, I love spending time with my Australian Shepherd, playing the guitar, watching college baseball, and I am an avid sports bettor.

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