Summer Road Trip

Thanks for joining me on this year’s trip!

The 2021 Summer Road Trip schedule will be released Saturday, April 3


With all of the recent bad news in college football, I thought it was time to have some fun. This year, I set off on the inaugural Summer Road Trip, which may become a new tradition. The goal is simple: get in the car, drive as far as I can tolerate, and visit as many college football stadiums as I can.

America’s Heartland


Leg 1 of the 2020 road trip took a journey through America’s Heartland– the flyover states– and covered 2,082 miles in three days. This leg added 9 new stadiums (bringing the total to 60) and took me through small Midwestern towns. Schools visited: Kansas State, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa State, Iowa, Wisconsin, Northern Illinois, Illinois, Purdue*, and Miami OH.

*Indicates stadium already visited.


Deep South

Leg 2 of the Summer Road Trip began August 22. The trek was a 2,400-mile drive through the Chesapeake, Smokey Mountains, and the southeast. 

This leg was busy, adding 13 new stadiums along the way: Penn State, Navy, Maryland, Virginia, Liberty, Virginia Tech, Tennessee, Clemson, Auburn, Troy, Ole Miss, ULM, and Louisiana Tech. I also stopped by Alabama again to spend a little more time than my previous 2016 visit.

The goal is to get inside every stadium, although that doesn’t always work out. Mostly, the Summer Road Trip is a chance to share new stadiums with the Road to CFB community, a chance to step away from the world and see the building blocks of America, and to remove myself from the goings on.