Dix Stadium

I travelled with the BG football team to Kent State on Halloween to get some Football Operations experience for away games. This was my second visit to Dix Stadium, but the other time was during the summer when it was a ghost town. The stadium has a beautiful and large press box (for a mid-major school), and a modern concourse in the north end zone that commemorates the alumni like Josh Cribbs, James Harrison, and Julian Edelman.

At kickoff, the temperature was a frigid 29 degrees, something to be expected for mid-week MACtion. BG (1-7 at the time) came out swinging, scoring 17 points in the first quarter. There were 3 separate one-handed catches in the game, one coming on defense and making the following-day’s SportsCenter Top 10. When the final second ticked, BG came out on top 44-16, in front of a crowd smaller than a standard high school game. Also, Kent State wore horrific yellow-on-yellow-on-yellow jerseys that resembled highlighters (award for worst jersey of the year).

There were more Falcon fans than those of the Golden Flashes, but even those numbers dwindled. Tuesday night games between teams with a combined 2 wins and below freezing temperatures separate the die-hards from the casual fans (not to mention most of the students were out participating in Halloween activities).

Stadium Grade: B

Atmosphere: D-

Tradition: D

Capacity: 25,000

Attendance: 7,140

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