Kenan Memorial Stadium

A modest 8 hour drive between Cleveland and Chapel Hill gave my dad and I a chance at a guys’ weekend. I got a chance to meet with the football recruiting department heads for UNC and got a behind-the-scenes tour of their facilities thanks to a friend who currently works for them (and free tickets). UNC takes the cake this season for supplementary facilities, with a mind-blowing training and administration facility, as well as some incredible donors seats.

UNC closed their last home game of the season against FCS opponent Western Carolina (who win most-obscure mascot, the Catamounts). WCU started off with a thumping truck stick followed by a touchdown, but were outdone 35-0 in the second quarter. The game quickly got out of hand, with the Tar Heels taking a 42-7 halftime advantage. They would cruise to a 65-10 victory.

UNC, coming off a stellar year lead by second-overall pick Mitchell Trubisky, struggled this season and failed to qualify for a bowl game. Despite the lackluster season and the game landing the weekend before Thanksgiving, plenty of fans turned out to the game (including a substantial and loud amount of WCU fans sporting purple). However, I will forever hear the PA announcer’s, “and that leads to another first down Tar-” with the crowd’s followed up “HEELS.”

Stadium: B

Atmosphere: B-

Tradition: C

Capacity: 62,562

Attendance: 43,000

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