FCS National Championship: #2 North Dakota State vs. Montana State

Attending the 2022 FCS National Championship game in Frisco, Texas.

The dynasty continues!

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FCS National Championship: #2 North Dakota State 38, Montana State 10

In case you haven’t been aware of FCS football over the last decade-plus, the North Dakota State Bison are an absolute wagon. They’ve won nine of the past 11 Division I-AA championships– a dynasty run accomplished by very few teams in any sport at any level.

The dynasty continued on Jan. 8 in a cold and rainy Frisco, TX. The game on the field wasn’t close nor was it eventful. It was a true butt-whipping since the opening kickoff. NDSU led 28-0 at the half and everyone in attendance knew it was over.

Those in attendance were delightful. Fans from both sides were cordial and friendly; one Bison fan even said in reference of the opposing Bobcats: “We’ve had a ton of fun with them. They’re great.”

Many of the nation’s top college football travelers converged in Frisco. Once again I got to share a game with CFB Campus Tour, who completed his journey to 130 this year and is now working on the FCS. Another is a recent Coastal Carolina grad who I have been connected with on social media for years. It made the uneventful game a lot more fun.

When I say “cold and rainy,” I meant it. It was a maximum of 50º, windy, and the drizzle didn’t stop the entire game. For the visiting folk from Bozeman and Fargo, this was spring. For us Texans, it was miserable to say the least.

Despite Toyota Stadium’s PA’s best efforts, the fans rushed the field after the game. I’ve never rushed a field before and the term “rushing” is misleading. Rather, fans line up, take their time and help one another on and off the field. It was far more calm than the name might suggest.

Of course, the coolest part about being on the field postgame is the up-close look at the emotion in NDSU’s eyes. They may have been here many, many times before (and almost everyone on the team had won one before), but it still means a lot. These boys are champions.

That, and my favorite photo of the Road to CFB journey yet.

Congrats to North Dakota State on a historic championship. NDSU moves to 9-0 in FCS National Championship games– absolutely unprecedented accomplishment. I’m excited to have been a part of it.

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