Kroger Field

What a pleasure this experience was. Kroger Field is a modern and clean football stadium that provides those in the nosebleeds with a great view of the game (like myself). Even though I sat a dizzying heights, the action still seemed to happen right in front of me. Outside the stadium, fans of the SEC were tailgating right – far, wide, and loud. On my walk to the stadium, I passed by what looked like a student section tailgate. I realized it was a single fraternity’s party going on, that contained hundreds of students (nice job, Kentucky).

The game itself was also a thrill. Ole Miss and Kentucky traded leads and big plays all game. When the action wasn’t going on, the fall foliage was at its peak and my seat gave me a great view of the surrounding forest. At the end of the game while up 4, Kentucky forced a fumble and seemingly recovered, which erupted the crowd of 55,000. After further review, though, the quarterback’s knee was down and Ole Miss retained possession with 9 seconds left. That’s when backup quarterback Jordan Ta’amu threw a corner TD pass with 4 seconds left and set a hush over the stadium. What a nail-biter it was.

Another gorgeous day for football, the weather was unseasonably warm for November. My mile-long walk back to the car consisted of talking with out-of-town Rebel fans and sharing my goals with them (who, in turn, invited me to Oxford). Just a short 4 hour trip each way really provided me with an unforgettable experience.

Stadium Grade: B+

Atmosphere: A-

Tradition: C

Capacity: 61,000

Attendance: 55,665

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